Lucy's Cake Artistry Twyford Winchester - TESTIMONIALS

Here are just some of the lovely compliments my cakes have received - for even more glowing reports or to leave your own comments please visit my guestbook page

"Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic cake, it was absolutely delicious, you're  a legend! My son took it to Oxford after I collected from you, then on to London where we had a Thames cruise party on the Saturday. There was around 65 guests and all had some - not one bit was left, they all loved it, and some nice comments about how moist and flavourful it was, the icing was excellent and the whole design - world class!
We had a great day, thanks largely to you and your skills."
Tom F, Professor, Southampton University

“Lucy, thank you for producing such a stunning cake that captured perfectly everything we wanted to signify for this important occasion. It clearly took an extraordinary amount of time, creativity and attention to make. Thanks also for your professional and personable service, we won’t hesitate to come to you again.”
Antony B, Palamon Capital Partners, London
Knight Cake

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lucy on this project. She was efficient, professional and ridiculously creative from start to finish and I would recommend her work to anyone! If you like the cake and would like to see what we did with the rest of the party, please do visit us at Bedazzled Parties to find out more! :) From themed children's parties, to party planning, there's something for everyone! (Plus, we source the most AMAZING cakes! ;) ) x x x x"
Charlotte B, Bedazzled Parties, Surrey
Tom & Jerry Cake

"A superbly made cake with excellent attention to detail, looked so good we didn’t want to cut it however did taste delicious, a truly quality cake with great service, one very happy customer and could not recommend Lucy highly enough"
Adam W, Southampton
Netball Cake

“Tangled chocolate cake…………….speechless!! Thank you Lucy and mostly thanks to our cousin Sharon for introducing us!!…Jordan my son, also said “Best Brownies ever”"
Dee R, Southampton
Facebook Fan

“Chocolate & Cherry fudge hearts (for Valentines Day)
Melt in the mouth yumminess – so fresh, that the fudge literally dissolves on your tongue. Absolutely perfect with after-dinner coffees.
My only complaint would be that there were not enough!!! :) ”
Claire R, Winchester
Facebook Fan

“I am such a huge fan of Lucy’s Cakes. I especially love her double chocolate cheesecake cupcakes, I have even had dreams about them!”
Abi H, Winchester
Facebook Fan

“Lucy made a biking cake for my brother-in-law at really short notice and he absolutely loved it. As did his kids with it finally having to be physically removed to prevent them gorging themselves :) Very tasty!”
Dom B, Winchester
Exploding 40th Birthday Cake

“I asked lucy if she could make me a ben and holly cake for my daughters second birthday, and to my delight she made me the most amazing cake that i could have hoped for! It was such a centre piece with real wow factor. Even more importantly though, it tasted amazing and my daughter loved it!
I am truly overwhelmed with this cake. It’s a masterpiece, and it’s huge! We had your cake today, and as well as being an absolute masterpiece, it was really delicious to eat too, everyone commented on it!”
Charmel C, Winchester
Ben & Holly Cake

“there can never be too much of that double choc cake-it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!”
Ruby C, Southampton
Facebook Fan

“If you need a cake, this is THE place to go….Lucy Stacey makes THE most amazing cakes”
Sam R, Southampton
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“” I was the lucky girl who had the jungle cake for my sons 1st birthday party. I needed something really special for him and knew the girl who is up for the job. As you can see from the photo it is one of the most spectacular cakes in the world and it tasted fab. Lucy had put so much work into it and it showed. We had over 40 adults and 20 kids at our party and everyone couldnt believe the cake. Only problem was that everyone kept coming back for more so make sure you order a big one ;) !!”
Suzi N, Verwood, Dorset
Jungle Cake 

My wife surprised me with one of Lucy’s cakes at my birthday party.  I am into mountain biking and sure enough, Lucy had cleverly designed a mountain biking themed cake – complete with mini cyclist and realistic dirt!  As well as looking amazing, the cake tasted delicious.  Highly recommended!
Steve R, Winchester
Mountain Bike Cake

Lucy made the Batmobile for my boyfriend’s birthday. It was amazing. It tasted incredible. It was green and black’s chocolate sponge with a ginger zing to it with a layer of chocolate icing in the middle and icing for all the batmobile which tasted scrumptious! I couldn’t get enough of it. Everyone wanted to take extra home!
Kylie J, Highfield, Southampton
Batmobile Cake

 ” Lucy made a fantastic cake for my husband’s 40th birthday. It was a special occasion and I wanted something unique and personal rather than something mass produced and I knew she could create something tailored to his interests. We sat down and agreed a theme ….Lucy has masses of wonderful ideas and she came up with the idea of a beach scene. I was so pleased with the final result … the cake was a beautiful centrepiece of the food table and everybody was asking who had made it and how it had been created. The cake not only looked wonderful but tasted fabulous as well – the only problem was that it was so popular with our guests that there was hardly any left for the family! I would highly recommend using Lucy for a special event as it really made the party something very special.

Nicola W, Highfield, Southampton
Beach Huts Cake

“The pink hummer cake made my night – totally amazing! Not only did it look awesome it tasted amazing! Too amazing as I ate way too much of it… Thinking of every excuse possible to get Lucy to make me more cakes, which is a bit of a disaster in some ways, luckily being a Personal Trainer I know how to balance the odd bit of cake with training and good nutrition to offset the indulgence! And these cakes are so good you don’t even need to eat them to enjoy them, you almost don’t want to cut such masterpieces up, it seems such a shame to be demolising art! So the ultimate diet cake, he he he…”
Caroline R, Southampton
Limousine Cake 

“amazing cake! Thank you so much xxx” 
Jenny C, Southampton
Champagne Cake