Tiered & Topsy Turvy Cakes! - Lucy's Boutique Cake Artistry School - Twyford Winchester

Wedding Cakes, Tiered Cakes & Topsy Turvy Cakes

You will learn how to design, create & stack cakes suitable for a special celebration or wedding! We will also look at the structure behind the popular "topsy turvy" or mad hatter cakes and why with a litle but of very unscary Maths, they are much easier than they look!

A light lunch & tea / coffee breaks (including a slice of cake of course!) will be provided and you will learn:

  • recipes and advice on how to bake the perfect cake 
  • you will each be given a 4, 6 & 8 inch cakes to play with and, after instruction in both, choose whether to make either a traditional tiered cake or a topsy turvy cake
  • recipes and advice on the perfect buttercream filling for your cake
  • how to slice, fill and crumb coat a cake ready for decorating 
  • covering techniques - the features of sugarpaste, how to colour, knead & roll sugarpaste and how to finish your cake to professional perfection ready for decoration
  • brief introduction to the importance of colour and how to pick colours for cakes
  • tools of the trade
  • how to design your tiered cake
  • how to stack cakes - the importance of correct architecture for stacked cakes
  • how to carve and stack topsy turvy cakes - using a bit of very helpful friendly Maths!
  • how to finish your cake & tiers - ribbons & other more creative alternatives

This class is suitable for beginners who have absolutely no decorating experience as well as those who already have decorating skills and would like to learn something new & spend the day with other people who just love cake!