Lucy's Cake Artistry Twyford Winchester - HOMEMADE CAKE SELECTION


Each one of my cakes is unique – both inside and out. As well as creating bespoke designs in my studio in Twyford for clients in Winchester & Hampshire, I often devise brand new cake flavours that complement each other and the design of the cake or reflect the personality & favourite tastes of the recipient.

All my cakes are baked to order and handmade by me using only the best quality ingredients. This is a selection of the most popular cakes I have produced, but there are an abundance of flavour combinations that can be used and I have even produced tiered cakes with a different flavour on every layer! The flavour of my cakes is so important to me that I feel the fillings deserve their own page so for more information click here

As I am committed to always producing the best flavours and working towards my clients exact cake requirements, I have also become a specialist in special dietary requirements which you can see here

caRROTSponge Cakes

A few suggested filling combinations for each of my cakes are in brackets – for more detail see my Delicious Fillings page, but there are many more possible flavour combinations for each cake

Madagascan Vanilla Syrup Sponge Cake (madagascan vanilla & seedless raspberry jam or toasted pecan chocolate)
This cake is baked with butter, caster sugar, free-range eggs, flour and madagascan vanilla extract and drizzled with my special madagascan vanilla syrup to keep it moist and full of flavour.

Chocolate Truffle Fudge Cake (madagascan vanilla, dark chocolate ganache or chocolate orange)
This cake is for chocolate lovers everywhere and contains 70% cocoa solids melted dark chocolate, flour, coffee, cocoa, sugar, butter, milk, vanilla extract and my own secret ingredient to give it an amazing flavour.

Chocolate Baileys Cake (Baileys, Chocolate Baileys, Mint Chocolate Baileys)
This decadent cake is for chocolate lovers everywhere and contains 70% cocoa solids melted dark chocolate, flour, coffee, cocoa, sugar, butter, vanilla extract & of course delicious original, Mint Choc or Creme Caramel Baileys!

Chocolate & Stem Ginger Cake (chocolate & crystallized ginger, madagascan vanilla or dark chocolate ganache)

I invented this recipe for a client and it has become one of the most requested flavours! The cake is made with roughly chopped stem ginger, flour, cocoa, 70% cocoa solids melted dark chocolate, sugar, butter, milk, vanilla extract and combined with stem ginger syrup to keep it moist and full of flavour.

Lemon drizzle Cake (lemon curd, madagascan vanilla or lime zest)
This cake is made with fresh lemon zest, vanilla extract and freshly squeezed lemon juice combined with creamed butter and sugar and mixed with free-range eggs and flour. Whilst the sponge is baking the syrup is prepared with fresh lemon juice and golden caster sugar before being soaked in to the sponge.

Carrot Cake (madagascan vanilla, orange zest)
Ground cinnamon & nutmeg are combined with sugar, eggs & flour. Then fresh lemon & orange zest are added along with freshly grated carrot, coconut, walnuts, vanilla extract & rum-soaked sultanas. The cake is then soaked in a delicious syrup prepared with light brown sugar & the juice from freshly squeezed lemons & oranges.

Coffee & Walnut Cake (espresso coffee or mocha espresso chocolate)
Softened butter, eggs and golden caster sugar are beaten together and combined with flour & real espresso coffee. Californian chopped walnuts are then folded in and the cake is drizzled with vanilla syrup

Banoffee Cake (toffee or chocolate ganache)
Softened butter, eggs, milk and muscovado sugar are beaten together and combined with delicious nutmeg & cinammon spices.  The mixture is then combined with fresh free range eggs, deliciously ripe bananas & madagascan vanilla

Fruit Cakes
The secret to my traditional fruit cake is combining the finest French glace cherries, sultanas, currants & Californian raisins with my freshly chopped prunes, apricots & Medijool dates & soaking them in French brandy for 72 hours.

The fruit is then combined with freshly squeezed lemon & orange juice, lemon & orange zest and mixed with Mauritian Molasses, light brown sugar, free-range eggs, butter, spices & chopped almonds before being slow baked for a minimum of 3 hours.

A non-alcoholic version of this cake is also available